​​​​​CommunityBrag Board

​​       NAME​                                                      ​RACE​/Goal                                              Distance

1.Rich B.                                                               Prairie Spirit                                                  50 miles

​2. Shannon C.                                                     Half marathon PR 1:47:44                              13.1

​3. Derek Z.                                                          Mila Marathon 6:34                                          26.2

​4. Mark K.                                                           Lincoln Half Marathon                                     13.1

5.  Eddie M.                                                        Capital City Classic 3rd in Age Group             10K

​6. Carol C.                                                           Ky Bluegrass Half marathon 1:56                   13.1

​7. Val M.                                                             Ky Bluegrass Half marathon 2:01                    13.1

​8. Heather B.                                                     Ky Bluegrass Half marathon 2:04                    13.1

​9. Cindy T.                                                         Ky Bluegrass Half marathon 2:05                     13.1

​10. Richard S.                                                    VFW Post  4th annual .1k run                             .1k

11. Dean S.                                                        Zion Half , 3rd in Age                                          13.1  

12. Michelle S.                                                  Blue Gras Half PR                                                 13.1

13.Tersa R.                                                         Zion Half                                                               13.1

​14. Brandon W.                                                 100 Mile Zion Run                                            100 miles

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