It's a THING! 

Runners who have trained all Winter for a Spring race that has been canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic, here is your run!  The Virtual "THING" that you do on your own.  The Virtual "THING" that allows you to showcase the fitness that you've worked so hard to get over the Winter.  This will give you the satisfaction of completing the distance that you've been training for, and the closure you need to move your next race.

Details:  Register for the Virtual "THING" before March 31st.  During the month of April, run the race distance that you trained for.  Show us your Virtual "THING" race photo to make us smile (post to RunWell's social media using #didtheTHING. 

We will ship you a custom IT'S A THING  2020 shirt, with a germ mask on the front, toilet paper on the back, the COVID-19 amoeba throughout, and all on a blood red shirt, to commemorate this epic year that the COVID-19 took over our life and the world ran out of toilet paper!  Lol

*Profits from the shirt sales will benefit St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital   

Shirt Size - Short sleeve performance
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