Speed Dating - Runner Edition! (Benefits St. Jude Team RunWell for a Reason)
Make a new running buddy...or maybe a LOVE CONNECTION!

Registration required – Cost $25
Runners will be asked a series of questions through their registration.
Upon arrival, runners will receive a “score card” to take notes.
Runners will be matched with others of similar interests
When the moderator rings the bell, make your way to your assigned table for an 8 minute chat with fellow runners. 
When the moderator sounds the alarm, runners will head out for a half mile run with their new running friends.
Get some water, wine, a snack and get ready for round #2, where you will do it all over again, starting from a different table, with new running friends!
At the conclusion of the event, you will submit your “score card” to the moderator, letting us know who you would like to
-Run with
-Be friends with
-Go on a date with
-None of the above
Moderator will exchange contact information as directed by the participant.Type your paragraph here.



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