Road Warriors - We are a group of individuals who believe fitness and health are important. Although most of us are involved in running, we don't limit ourselves. Swimming, walking, biking, triathlons, etc. are all options, too. We also believe we can make a difference, so we work to motivate and inspire others to maintain or increase their fitness. All are welcome to become part of the team, regardless of current level of fitness, speed, or proficiency.  There are no dues, and a shirt is not a requirement to be a Road Warrior. 

It's cool to see us all out there in matching shirts, and makes other team members easier to find, but it will never be a requirement. We want your participation. A little about the shirts – The purple camouflage design stemmed from our mainly military background. Most of us have some sort of military affiliation- Hooah! The purple stands for jointness - not just of all the services, but also with our civilian members. We are all in this together. The black in the camouflage and on the arms honors those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our country - in any capacity. The POW/MIA logo on the back is a remembrance that not everyone is accounted for and we must never forget (this part of the shirt seems to garner the most comments when we are out in public). 

We have group training runs several times each week:

  • Hill training is on Tuesday evenings at 5:30.
  • Tempo training on Thursdays evenings at 5:30.
  • Long runs on the weekend at various times. 
  • We will start up speed training Wednesday evenings once it warms up. 

Check out our Facebook page for details:


We love to celebrate YOU!  Tell us what you're training for and we'll add you to our Community Brag Board!  Whether it's your first, farthest, going for a personal best, or getting another race under your belt 

WE'RE PROUD OF YOU and keep pushing! Let us know how we can help you reach all your running and fitness goals!


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